Dinner is Served!

In a hectic world of distractions and stress, there is a part of us that goes unnoticed and is often undernourished – our spirit man.  When we were born again, or better yet “received conception from above”, a new entity was created inside of us.   When we obeyed Jesus’ command in John 3:7 “you must be born again” a remarkable thing happened.  God’s Holy Spirit entered into our spirit and became one with it.  A holy union of God and man materialized deep inside of us.  2 Corinthians 5:17 refers to this as a “new creation”.   In our blog we will often use the term “spirit man” to refer to the same thing.

The “spirit man” or new creation is extremely small upon its inception.  Think of it as a tiny human zygote or one celled organism. Jesus, in one of His parables, referred to it as a mustard seed (Mt 13:31).  It has the capability to grow into great size and strength.  God’s kingdom expressed on earth is actually dependent on the success of human spirit men (and women) coming into their full maturity.  When the spirit man is nurtured properly it’s small seed will one day become a giant tree of righteousness with mighty angels (“birds” in the parable) nestled in its branches!   Watch out, world!!

However, the down side is that the spirit man needs special food to grow up on.  Too much of the time our spirit man is fed what is indigestible to it.  In other words, food that is fine for the soul is inedible to our spirit man.  By far, most of the resources available cater to the soul.  Many christian books, music, and even sermons are birthed, rehearsed, and communicated via the soul.

Our spirit man will remain small and weak if we try to feed it facts, stories, and intellectual concepts.  Likewise, it will not grow if it is exposed to media and messages that do not come out of the deep presence of God.

Very often, it is the spontaneous, Holy Spirit borne message or music that will excite the spirit man and lift it up to new heights.  Carefully mulled-over sermons, prepared painstakingly and delivered flawlessly by the soul of a minister are just empty husks to the starving spirit man.

When the corporate worship service goes deep enough into the manifest Presence of God, our spirit man gets excited!  As the heavy, weighty glory of God enters the sanctuary, the spirit man knows it and prepares for a great meal.  In this inner sanctum created by Spirit-bourne worship our spirit man can finally eat and drink what is  wholesome to it.  The blood of Jesus, His body, the oil of the Spirit and other necessary nutrients are present in the atmosphere ready to be assimilated by the spirit man.   This holiest place or Holy of Holies of worship may be boring to the soul but it is life to the spirit man.

Unfortunately, few worship services get past the happy clappy of the outer court into the more intimate and prophetic-rich setting of the holy place.  Fewer still worship services actually enter beyond that into the realm of the Holy of Holies where God’s most intense presence is.  It is here that the spirit man would love to live – a zone of continual feeding.  Alas, it is not to be for many spirit men in the body of Christ.

Our goal in this blog is to explore with you through various avenues how to keep our spirit man well fed and happy.  Join us as we discover not rich facts but rich experiences together.


Dan and Debbie Murrill