We felt like David going out to face Goliath. In our heart of hearts, we knew that the God of Armies would come through for us. He had to. Losing this battle would be unthinkable. Defeat was not an option.

Knowing what we knew would make us shudder to think what the rest of our lives would look like if we did not win our case (see previous blog).

…but we were full of faith.

We surrounded ourselves with scripture. Homemade bible verse cards proclaiming the Lord’s victory on our behalf adorned the walls, mirrors, and cupboards of our home. Everywhere we looked, our faith was inspired by God’s Word. We constantly prayed, pleading the promises in His book.

We received many prophetic utterances promising success in our endeavor. Some of the said prophets even saw portents in the sky that they interpreted as a sign of victory.

Engaging in spiritual warfare, we commanded demonic powers to be bound. We had everyone we knew interceding for us.

We had “done all to stand”. Every spiritual base was covered. All the stops were pulled out. Even in the jury selection, we learned that we had been provided with an almost unanimously Christian jury made up of Christian school teachers, pastors’ wives, and even a priest. As a result, we knew that God must be shining down on us with sunny favor.

Then came the “total eclipse” of our sun.

The mistrial came at us out of no where, obliterating our faith.

Following the dismissal of the court, we headed back to our hotel room. To say we were devastated would almost be an understatement. “God, where were you today?” was the question on our hearts. Hopelessness and despair seemed to swallow us up. We fell into bed exhausted almost hoping that we wouldn’t wake up in the morning. It was the lowest point we had ever been at.

As we lay in bed, it was after midnight in the natural and the spiritual realms. Our life was over as far as we were concerned. Hope was vanquished.

It is in your darkest place that you sometimes find the greatest light.

In the wee hours of the morning, Jesus showed me a vision. I awakened Debbie and shared what I saw.

A giant pyramidical structure loomed large in the vision. As huge as a continent, it was comprised, row by row, of demonic entities. At the top, sat the chief of the entire evil operation.

“You are dealing with a principality” Jesus said.

He went on to explain that this principality was responsible for theft and financial devastation around the world. What happened to Debbie and I was just a small part of this principality’s work in the Church. In turn, the misdeeds of this giant spiritual organization toward the Church were only a part of the whole of its planet-wide schemes. Whether it was a con man deceiving an individual or a government stealing from the masses, this principality was responsible.

I asked Him the logical question “How do you fight a principality?”

The Holy Spirit answered by first showing me how not to fight it.

I saw believers engaged in their very best attempts at spiritual warfare against the principality. They spoke against it, quoted scripture at it, derided and cursed it. Boldly, they bound it and commanded it inoperative. Marching around their churches, they made proclamations that they believed arrested its activities. The modern Church’s most powerful lunges against it were depicted in the vision as little children stabbing at a giant mountain with wooden swords.

The mountain crushed them flat.

Again, I asked “How do you fight a principality?”

Jesus showed me the “end run”. Just like in football, a runner can attempt to go up the middle and carry the ball through the formidable front line of the opposing team and get crushed in the process. A better option might be to do an “end run” play, running wide and to the side then around the front line, circumventing them and reaching the goal.

I saw a view of engaging the principality by not directly engaging it. Instead of frontally attacking it and being destroyed, one could do an “end run” around its second heaven and go directly to the third heaven above it.

At this point, the Holy Spirit directed me to Matthew 18:19. “If two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father Who is in heaven”.

He showed me that the way to thwart a principality was to create a legal agreement, a virtual document in the spirit. This legal agreement was like a blank piece of paper. Two or more believers could decide together what stipulations should be in the body of the agreement. Once those details were agreed upon, the parties would then verbally “sign” the agreement. By virtue of the fact that we are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, the parties “go up” by faith into the very throne room of God the Father. There, in the spirit, He showed me a round table, a heavenly version of a conference table. Across the table were seated Jesus and the Father, Himself. The signed agreement was slid across the table to Jesus, Who gladly also co-signed it and passed it over to the Father. As the Executor of the agreement, the Father dispatched the giant, sumo-warrior Angels present in the room to carry out or enforce the parameters of the agreement. These mighty Angels would themselves engage the second heaven (i.e. principality) directly and war until the terms of the agreement were accomplished. The believer did not have to lift a finger or say a word to the principality. The Angels, upon the Father’s orders, did it for them.

It was a fantastic proposition. This was a blank check. ANYTHING was in the realm of possibility that this could apply to. All the Father required was a minimum of two believers to be checks and balances on each other as to what was requested in this agreement. The Father has such a trust in His children.

Furthermore, the greatest check and balance was that this agreement originated in heaven first. He directed me to the preceding verse. “Whatever you shall bind (enter into a legal agreement about) on earth shall have been bound in heaven”. This was all about intimacy…intimacy with the Holy Spirit. We couldn’t just ask for any whim our heart might desire. The Holy Spirit would breathe His desire for what was to be written on the body of the agreement. Our role as the two or more believers was to hear what He was saying, agree upon it, and verbally “write” it into an agreement.

We called these agreements “decrees”. “Decreeing” is very popular in charismatic circles nowadays. Unfortunately, the decreeing done in these circles is based on a misinterpreted scripture and can bode disaster for the decreers. Like proud little kings and queens, decrees are being made that were not first breathed by the Holy Spirit. It is our experience that these false decrees instead originate in the soul, especially in the realm of the heart. They sound very nice and spiritual but because they did not originate with the Spirit, they are strange fire. More often than not, they invite further demonic resistance and frustrate the true will of God.

From the early days of the Renewal in 1995, Debbie and I have experienced beautiful intimacy with the Holy Spirit. He became our very Best Friend. We would lay for hours under His heavy intoxicating presence, often saying nothing, just listening. Sometimes the Holy Spirit would go on and on speaking. He might talk for hours. If pen and paper were available, we might have difficultly keeping up with the flow of His communication. Other times, He was silent. It was as if we were the best of buddies, simply enjoying each others company in a relationship where nothing had to be said. At any rate, we learned by experience when He was speaking and, possibly more important, when He was not.

This intimacy with the Holy Spirit is crucial to these agreements or decrees being something of value vs something detrimental in our lives. Intimacy is borne of time spent with another person. There is no short cut to it.

In summary, here is the overview of what the Holy Spirit showed me about “making decrees” or “agreements”.

First, hear the Holy Spirit about a matter. Then, agree with one other person about what the Spirit is breathing and verbally place the details of it in the body of the decree. Next, each party indicates their agreement with what is listed in the body of the decree. Debbie and I used the word “done” to signify our agreement. “Agreed” might be another good word to use. After this, by faith, we envisioned ourselves in the council room of the Father at that table. We slid our signed paper across to Jesus and watched Him sign it and hand it over to the Father. At this point, we knew things were done. Invisibly, in the spirit realm, hoards of heavenly Angels were dispatched to carry out the details of the decree.

The first matter that the Holy Spirit directed us to make an agreement about was to decree ourselves out from under the principality. We saw our loss as part and parcel of our being in the realm of its influence. We had suffered great loss financially and in many other ways. To avert further losses, we needed to come off of its grid. In vision, I saw us crushed under the weight of this giant pyramidical monstrosity. After decreeing ourselves out from it through the process described above, I now saw us encased in a spiritual bubble, separate from the principality. It was as if the principality was still trying to crush us but couldn’t because this impregnable bubble was all around us. This little bubble surrounding us was strong enough to shield us from this giant lowering massive weight.

The next issue that the Holy Spirit instructed us to decree about was an agreement that anything that the two of us discussed about the principality would be hidden from it and its entire organization. It seems funny now, but the view that I received simultaneous to this was that of Get Smart’s famous “cone of silence”. What was hilarious in the 60’s sitcom became a vital tool of spiritual communications jamming software to us in our battle. They now could not hear us. As a corollary to this, the Spirit had us decree that anyone we spoke to about the principality or the decrees would be included in this spiritual cone of silence as well. Therefore, you as the reader, are at this moment included in that decree as you read this story!

All of this was so childlike. It was so serious of a matter, but in the presence of God, it was like playing a game. Didn’t Jesus say that the things of heaven were hidden from the wise and revealed to babes? He also said that if we didn’t receive the kingdom of God like a child, we would not be able to enter into it. We were truly children having a grand time with what Dad was showing us. Hope was beginning to rise in our hearts.

Now, the Spirit of God led us to decree about all the various matters of our case. In the darkness of our pre-dawn hotel room, Debbie and I were led around our legal case by our Advocate, Himself, as He showed us where the vulnerabilities were. We had just experienced the devastation of being in a courtroom totally caught up in the swirl of a principality. The room had spun with classic principality confusion affecting judge, jury, counsellors, and we, ourselves. Therefore, one of the first matters that we decreed regarding our case was that participants would be out of the principality’s influence. For hours, the Holy Spirit breathed decree after decree to us and we carried each to heaven, one by one, and delivered them to the Father.

Of great concern to us was something that the perpetrator in our case seemed to be continually doing because he could since he was a lawyer. It seemed as if he was constantly going down to the courthouse submitting motions. “Motions” are requests for legal injunctions affecting a case. They may result in delays, modifications, challenges, etc. to the case. Each had to be individually addressed by our lawyer and fought before a judge. This involved expense to us each time, but more importantly, great stress. The Holy Spirit led us to decree “no more motions”.

Just at that moment, Debbie’s phone beeped a notification.

It was 7:30 in the morning. She had just received a text message from our lawyer that read “no more motions”. We were floored. Here was a literal proof from God that what we were doing was not child’s play but was real!

A mistrial does not mean that a case is over. However, it can mean that simply because it can be very difficult to muster up the courage and resources to go on with the process after one has experienced a mistrial. Through the decrees, Jesus not only re-encouraged and strengthened us but also set the parameters for how the next trial would go. In the coming months pre-trial, we literally saw the tangible effects of the decrees that we were led to make. In the trial, itself, despite the extreme complexity of our case, we saw the entire atmosphere of the courtroom transformed into a place where justice could be clearly heard without interference from the principality.

We would love to tell the amazing stories from the courtroom drama of those four days but cannot at this time. Suffice it to say, it would make a very entertaining movie script! God was supernaturally all over that courtroom!

We won.

The jury decided unanimously in our favor in civil court. However, the battle was just beginning. We heavily leaned on the decrees through what we have called our “six years of hell”. Because of appeals, including to the state Supreme Court, our case dragged on and on. Finally, it was over. We had won each appeal. The FBI now stepped in and the perpetrator found himself in custody and eventually pled guilty in federal court. He is currently serving time.

It has been our experience that the ones who truly “get” these concepts about the decrees are those who are in desperate straights themselves. We have heard of much good fruit in the lives of others who have implemented the making of these agreements. There have been outright miracles resulting.

Our desire and prayer is that our experience recounted in this blog would be helpful to our readers and bring hope in the most hopeless of situations.

“Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope through the power of the Holy Ghost”. Rom 15:13

Dan and Debbie Murrill
July 15, 2015



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