When the Holy Spirit is allowed to come upon us in sufficient power, there can be a resulting state of not being able to move (or not wanting to). We are inebriated in tangible Love Divine. Surrounded, encapsulated, and saturated with the heavy presence of God, we are transported to another place.

A modern day example of this is Heidi Baker. Often during worship, she has become so immersed and overcome by the Spirit that she is immobilized and cannot preach. When she is finally able to speak, God shows up powerfully.

Many are fearful of this phenomenon. They dread the loss of control.

This is possession. Holy Spirit possession. We sing and pray about Him controlling our lives. However, when He comes to do exactly that, we shrink from Him in fear.

True Holy Spirit filling IS possession. Demonic possession is simply a counterfeit for the real thing. If we ask our Heavenly Father for this bread, He will not give us a snake.

This level of Holy Spirit intimacy is life transforming…and world transforming.

What would happen if evangelists were utterly possessed by the Spirit of God like Maria Woodworth-Etter was? We might see the powerful end time harvest that we have all been longing for.

She was so full of the Spirit of God that she was literally frozen in place until the next day. In one hand, she held a Bible while the other was raised toward heaven. Thousands were gathered to witness this spectacle when suddenly she came to. As she preached, many were stuck down under the power of God, saw visions, and were converted.

Being frozen as a manifestation is not the issue. What is important is that the Spirit of God utterly consumes and takes us over to the level that HE is pleased with.

Lets ask for it. Let’s pray that the Father would give us His Spirit to the max. May we not be afraid of it or of looking weird. We must remember that our flesh will side with the mockers and haters of Holy Spirit fulness and its manifestations.

We have a world to reach. Let’s all “get frozen”!!

Dan Murrill

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3 thoughts on “FROZEN

  1. This is such a beautiful place to be, when all your awareness is filled and consumed by the presence of God! It really IS outside of space and time! When your awareness returns to time and your earthly surrounds, you are still not really a part of it. It is like walking in two places at once, aware but not connected! You literally live and move and have your BEING in Him!!!
    (Acts 16:28) TO God be the Glory!!!