Looking out across the banks of the River Nile, they fell in love. It was their umpteenth missions trip between them, but the first one in which they were both part of the team. Seeds were sown on that trip to Ethiopia, the flower of love grew and then blossomed. Months later, the first of our children was married.

Our son Brian and his lovely wife Jennifer began to raise a family. Two beautiful children, Destiny and Maya were born to them.

Worship was a priority for their family. After first encountering the Holy Spirit as a teen, Brian would worship hours into the night.

Jennifer was raised in a family that valued worship. Even today, when visiting her parents’ home, the law is laid down – “if you eat with us, you will worship with us afterwards”. The dinner guests are then treated to a lush spiritual banquet of worship that transports them into heavenly places.

It is so encouraging to us as parents to hear that their little ones, the oldest of our grandchildren, are already encountering Jesus, going into the Spirit and experiencing His presence during family times of worship.

I met up with Steve E in the church hallway during a break from an all night prayer meeting. There was a prophetic word for him burning inside of me. I was embarrassed to share it with him because I thought it might be off-the-wall. At any rate, I could keep silent no longer and shared with him my word.

The gist of the word was that he must obey what God was putting his heart despite resistance from others who might discourage him. I shared that the Lord told me that he was going to be used to start a Jesus movement. Hearing that, he fell over onto the carpet in the Spirit. When he came to, he shared with me that the Lord had been putting it on his heart to go to Austria to bring revival. He felt that my word was a encouraging confirmation of that call.

Fast forward months later, both of our girls, Kristin and Sarah, joined Steve E’s team in Austria. Scores of youth were saved and filled with the Holy Spirit in an environment of signs, wonders, miracles, and supernatural phenomenon. It was a true Jesus movement.

One of the young people who came to Jesus during that time was Simon. A preacher at heart, Simon is very vocal about his faith.

Our daughter Sarah is a worshipping musician who writes songs of her intimate encounters with the Lord.  As a teenager, she had originally intended to minister with Iris in southern Sudan.  Because of the extreme danger involving the LRA operating in the area, Debbie and I encouraged her to consider other locations.  Thankfully, the opportunity in Austria opened up.

As as you might have guessed, Sarah and Simon fell in love. They were married with dual ceremonies held on both sides of the Atlantic. Their beautiful daughter Lucy will be the beneficiary of not only a blending of cultures, but also of the complimentary spiritual influences of her parents.

Steve E’s youngest daughter, Suzanna, is very artistic. She is also a gifted musician and songwriter. Our son Stephen had known her for almost a decade when they both went on tour with a worship band. After retuning from the tour, they began to date and eventually married.

As a youngster, Stephen had a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit during a home group meeting. At that time, something was downloaded into his spiritual DNA. As a result, when he plays his lead guitar, heaven shows up.

Being our most recently married couple, they have not yet started a family. When and if they do, their children are bound to be very creative musicians and worshippers.

Returning from Europe, Kristin took up work as a server. One night she was surprised to see Luke outside waiting for her in the parking lot of her Restuarant.

Kristin had known Luke for almost a decade. She had attended ministry school and been on missions trips with him as well. While working in Texas, Luke heard the voice of God telling him that he was to marry Kristin.
He drove non stop from Texas to share that word of the Lord with Kristin. After she got over her shock, they began to date and eventually married.

Both of them are passionate and talented worshippers and musicians. Already, Aya their beautiful little two year old loves to express herself in the dance and in song.

Lila Grace, their second child, was born just yesterday. Her name symbolizes for Debbie and I how we feel about our children. Despite our shortcomings, the grace of God has freely blessed us with children and spouses for them who deeply love Jesus and are worshippers.

Our prayers when our kids were young were not only for them but also for their spouses wherever they were in the world at that time. We prayed that each would find Jesus, live for Him, and be a wonderful spiritual compliment to our children. Those prayers have been abundantly answered.

When we were in the Renewal, the Holy Spirit was adamant that we continue to expose our children to the presence of God. Kids from other families were watching tv and playing games in church childcare while ours were in deep worship encountering the Father. I’m sure that many times our children wished they could have been with other kids instead of in a renewal meeting. However, those years of carting them around to revivals deposited good seed in them that has sprouted into worshipers’ hearts that are passionate for Him and sensitive to the Spirit.

Our continued prayer is that their children, our grandchildren, will come to intimately know the Holy Spirit and become worshippers as well.

Years ago, Dallas Holm wrote a song about how the intimacy of the Grace of God spreads from person to person like links in a chain…a chain of Grace.

The cry of our hearts is that “the circle will be unbroken” with all of our future generations coming to Jesus as each previous generation makes Him known. May there not be even one missing link in our Chain of Grace.

Dan and Debbie Murrill

August 20, 2015

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